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My underlying themes of trace and change are also demonstrated through my video and time lapse work.

Running Stains
This video explores the idea of washing and rinsing garments to remove dirt and grime leaving only the stains - traces - which become a metaphor for the transitory and fading nature of memory.
Melting Wax
The blurred and spreading stain of the melting wax– represents the blurring of memories as time passes.

Aberfan Hankie Archive

One hundred and forty four images of dyed and discharged hankies collected together a digital archive.


The surface of the hankies were recorded as rubbings and animated to represent the fleeting and transitory nature of memory.

A bow was fashioned from ice and time-laspe was used to record its transient nature.

Time-lapse was utilized to view the changing nature of the latex dress. The transitory nature of the elements  proved interesting too.

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