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Between January and September 2017, I undertook a research post at Hertfordshire University learning to use the university's new digital embroidery machines and exploring their potential in artistic and creative practice.

My first project was a Redwork quilt based on the American quilt toppers popular in the 1800's. Redwork is a hand embroidery technique - simple everyday objects are stitched in red thread.  To give coherence to my sampling my own everyday objects were digitally stitched using red thread. My concept was based in traditional techniques but I used state of the art equipment to realise my ideas.

From this I moved on to my Tablecloth Project, a piece of work which returned to my recurrent theme of trace. Rubbings were created from a vintage tablecloth. The image was then digitally printed and digital stitch and hand embroidery were used to give texture and to highlight and recreate the rubbed image. 

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