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The Garden at 21

The Garden at 21 is an ongoing project which considers how I experience my garden which I reconnected with during Lockdown. Through this project I am exploring how my garden can become central to my practice forming the narrative behind my work. I am aiming to create a sense of place capturing the essence of the garden, creating a connection to this place that is so special to me.

A small dye bed has been created to colour cloth and thread for patchwork, print and embroidery and in doing so my practice will become fully engaged with the garden.

Ecoprinting has been utilised to create a patchwork. The subject of this piece is a climbing rose which was a present from my parents when we first moved in and has been a continual presence in my garden ever since. I have learnt how to care for it, how to prune it and when to feed it. I love to pick the blooms and enjoy the gentle fragrance in my home. Its form symbolises the comforting stability of the natural cycles that occur unerringly in my garden. The rose specifically its leaves, have been used to explore the alchemy of ecoprinting, experimenting with the effects of mordants and modifiers. I have 84 small prints which are all individual and together have a deep connection to the place where they grow creating a tangible link between art and surroundings.

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