My work is underpinned by the concept of trace - the idea that remnants, marks or imprints become a record of experience and memory. A theme of impermanence pervades my practice - the idea that life is in a state of  flux fascinates me. Nature, emotions and memories are constantly changing - the need to preserve things and to stop things in time is recurrent in my work.

My artistic practice is broad with a focus on textiles particularly embroidery, print and natural dyeing. Often patchwork, vintage clothes and household linens are incorporated as well as book making, moulding and casting. Video and time lapse are used to develop my thinking, particularly to explore and capture the transitory nature of my work.

Inspiration comes from the natural world and social history particularly collective memories. My final body of work for my MA was based on the Aberfan disaster which took place in a Welsh mining village in 1966. The work took the form of garments and linens which were stained, dyed, printed and moulded to represent the experiences and emotions of the inhabitants of Aberfan. Currently, I am looking to nature and the environment for new ideas, exploring its role in memory and the passing of time.

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